We use ecosystem-friendly technologies to mitigate the effects of global warming. Our materials can slow Arctic melt by increasing the reflectivity and reducing the melt rate of arctic ice.

Our techniques have been developed through decades of engineering expertise and years of field research. We are an advance-stage non-profit research startup—we need your support to refine our deployment techniques. Please spread the word—like us on Facebook and if you can, donate.


"The cost of adaptation to sea level rise is estimated in the billions of dollars per year for many coastal cities; It could cost trillions after 2050"


Scientists alarmed by rapidly shrinking Arctic ice cap

"Some climate scientists are now warning that an ice-free summer Arctic Ocean could appear within a few years—more than a decade sooner than existing climate models have predicted"


Ice911's efforts to artificially boost polar ice formation (ship and crew not included).

"The data from a small-scale experiment show that water with the [Ice 911] additive freezes 1.45 times faster, lasts 1.77 times longer in sun and has a higher albedo than the control"


We're posting new Facebook content frequently covering Ice911 progress and climate topics. 

And check back in a few weeks for the new Ice911 website - it's looking good!

The latest Ice911 Constant Contact update is out. http://conta.cc/2bzctJm will lead you to photos, video and words to describe both Team Ice911's recent Climate Hike in Glacier NP and Dr, Field's recent talk about climate solutions at San Francisco's prestigious Commonwealth Club.

:Ice911 is taking on the Drought.  One way to demonstrate and test Ice911 materials for later Arctic use, while helping the climate situation locally, is to take on the drought.  We've demonstrated the technique is effective in conserving water, and have shared our results at local showcases including Sustainable Silicon Valley's Water-themed events.

This is the Summer of Interns at Ice911.  The Ice911 team is being helped by 1 of Leslie's former Stanford "Engineering and Climate Change" auditors and 3 of Leslie's former HS Engineering students.  The goals - helping Ice911 regulars to prepare instrumentation for imminent testing water conservation in a pond, and improving Ice911's communications.

Taking Ice911 to the Classroom

As described above, teaching can have some wonderful side-benefits, such as wonderful summer interns!  Dr. Field will teach "Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Climate Change" again at Stanford in the Fall Quarter 2016.  And this Spring, Alex Sholtz and Dr. Field worked with a Summit Prep teacher to help incorporate some Engineering topics into his Design and Innovation class at the HS level. 




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