We use ecosystem-friendly technologies to mitigate the effects of global warming. Our materials can slow Arctic melt by increasing the reflectivity and reducing the melt rate of arctic ice.

Our techniques have been developed through decades of engineering expertise and years of field research. We are an advance-stage non-profit research startup—we need your support to refine our deployment techniques. Please spread the word—like us on Facebook and if you can, donate.


"The cost of adaptation to sea level rise is estimated in the billions of dollars per year for many coastal cities; It could cost trillions after 2050"


Scientists alarmed by rapidly shrinking Arctic ice cap

"Some climate scientists are now warning that an ice-free summer Arctic Ocean could appear within a few years—more than a decade sooner than existing climate models have predicted"


Ice911's efforts to artificially boost polar ice formation (ship and crew not included).

"The data from a small-scale experiment show that water with the [Ice 911] additive freezes 1.45 times faster, lasts 1.77 times longer in sun and has a higher albedo than the control"


Help spread the word through ExtraMile.

Indiegogo Campaign is Live

Our Indiegogo campaign to get Ice911 to the Arctic has now gone live. http://www.igg.me/at/ice911Tell a friend!

Ice911 is an SSV Finalist

Ice911 Research participated as a Finalist in Sustainable Silicon Valley's *amazing* SSV WEST Summit WEST Summit's accelerator program. Fantastic event.

Ice911 at the Cleantech Open

Ice911 participated as a 2013 SemiFinalist Alum at the2014 Cleantech Open Global Forum. Terrific program.

Taking Ice911 to the Classroom

Because education about climate change is critically important, Dr. Field teaches "Engineering and Climate Change" at Stanford each Fall Quarter.  You are welcome to attend any or all of the lectures.  Class starts at 4:15 PM, when parking frees up on campus.   The flyer detailing the lecturers and their topics, location and timing is here.

Alaska Trips Extraordinary

Dr. Field made an initial reconnaissance trip to the Arctic (Barrow and Anchorage). What a trip! A warm welcome from scientists and the people who are affected directly by the melting ice. Dr. Field touched the ocean as far North as one can get (in the US), launched a weather balloon (a side bonus, while gathering info on weather conditions that will affect our testing), gathered cost estimates for the logistics for our initial Arctic small-scale testing, and met with many wonderful people who shared tales of how the melting ice affects their livelihoods and communities. Satish Chetty just returned from his follow-up trip to Fairbanks and Barrow to continue the crucial information-gathering and collaboration-building needed to advance the work.

Ice911 to present at Fall AGU

Ice911's abstract has been selected for the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, adding to the presentations already made to climate experts at the 2012 and 2013 Fall AGU meetings.

NASA conversations continue

Dr. Field has made several presentations to NASA this year, and our conversations continue.

Website helped by GEM Students

Our website was redesigned with the help of a team of outstanding Stanford students in Prof. Kosnik's Global Entrepreneurship and Marketing class, as well as our social media Ice911 collaborators and our web designer.



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