Ice 911 Research

At Ice 911, we develop short-term (yet reversible) engineering measures to reduce the far-reaching effects of global warming and future ecological damage in arctic environments. We are a non-profit research corporation.

Our approach:

We have developed rigorous, scientific-based solutions to preserve polar and glacial ice. We use localized and ecologically respectful materials—which mimic the properties of ice—to reduce the rate of melting by up to 56%. The materials can be deployed quickly and effectively; their effect can be reversed once it's no longer needed. Our solutions have the potential to slow down the melt, stop the ice-albedo feedback effect, and potentially rebuild arctic ice. Our approach can provide interim mammal habitat and stabilize the arctic infrastructure with virtually no ecological impact. Find out more about our materials solutions here.

How you can help:

Ice911 Research has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to accomplish the mission of slowing the melt by conducting research, development and testing. The world desperately needs practical solutions to reduce the melt. It's time to scale up! Please donate generously so we can continue this important work.


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