"There is no question in my mind that Dr. Field's work is one of the half dozen or so most important research projects underway globally on mitigating climate change - measured by ability to provide large scale (as opposed to marginal) leverage on the problem. The reason for its importance stems from the dearth of options to control warming already underway from CO2 emissions."
Armond Cohen, Executive Director Clean Air Task Force

"The polar bears are in real trouble, but this project gives me hope."
Professor Terry Root, Woods Institute, Stanford, Nobel Prize Winner

"Ice911 represents the most innovative and promising approach I've seen for giving us more time to get emissions under control. Moreover, it does so without risking the substantial unintended consequences likely to result from other geoengineering proposals."
Robert Dickinson, President of Argos Analytics, LLC and Advisor to Climate Readiness Institute

Ice911 Research was a 2013 Semifinalist in the Cleantech Open, the only non-profit ever to have been invited to join the program. Dr. Field has been asked to give and participate in a number of talks panel discussions and webinars for Cleantech Open events in 2014.

Ice911 was nominated for the San Jose Tech Museum's annual international awards program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.

The Ice911 approach was encouraged, and dubbed Eco-engineering, by the late Professor Stephen Schneider, Nobel Prize Winner.


"Mitigating Climate Change, Part II Ice911: Saving the Arctic Sea Ice" by Dr. Leslie Field, in "Keeping an Eye on Climate" March/April 2014 Vol. 4 No. 2 Argos Analytics, LLC.

GreenBiz article about Ice911 by Sue Lebeck (2014).

Environmental Monitor article focused on Ice911's SWIMS instrumentation by Jeff Gillies (2013).

Ice911 was featured in an article by David Kramer in Physics Today, Scientists alarmed by rapidly shrinking Arctic ice cap, 66, 2, 17, (2013).

Ice911 was featured in an article on Soft Geoengineering by Robert Olson, published in Environment Magazine September 2012.


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